What We Do

Action4 carries out detailed analysis of relevant documents, drawing upon our wealth and breadth of experience. We respond to consultations from the governing bodies, such as PhonepayPlus, Ofcom, and Government departements. When responding to these consultations it is our aim to represent the industry in a straightforward and positive light. Having cut through the red tape and jargon within the original documents we collate and report all salient facts to our members and invite feedback on relevant issues, ensuring an accurate reflection of members’ views and standpoints.

Our attendance at industry forums provides representation for our members, guaranteeing individuals and the industry have a voice, which is heard, in all the right places. Action4 is more than just another “club”; we actively communicate with MP's on pressing issues and lobby parliament on regulatory changes. Our membership of the CBI gives us a strong voice in this arena.

We offer our members support, advice and guidance on any issues or concerns they may have. Membership also entitles you to utilise Action4 and all of its contacts and experience in seeking interpretation of the PhonepayPlus code and, if needed, assistance in dealing with any breaches or disputes with PhonepayPlus.

We will keep you up to date with regular e-mails and ensure that we are meeting your needs through short surveys. As a trade association we often get approached by companies wishing to use Premium Rate Services, asking us to recommend providers; being a member and appearing on our website gives you the advantage. We are often the first choice of new would be players who rely upon our reputation as a trusted trade association of high integrity and vast experience, we are only too happy to pass these leads on to you, our valued member.