Action4 participates in relevant consultations, representing the views of its members. Generally, consultations of interest to our industry are issued by PhonepayPlus and Ofcom. Members' contributions and views are always a welcome element to Action4 responses.


As an association, Action4 liaises with the many regulatory bodies, associations and organisations having a control or an interest in the Premium Rate Industry. By undertaking this promptly, efficiently and in an unbiased manner it frees its members' time and resources, which are far better spent working and developing their core business whilst Action4 deals in a constructive way working towards the successful conclusion of relevant issues.

Code Compliance

Action4 proactively works with its members to try to prevent breaches of the PhonepayPlus Code, educating them about Code provisions and the regulations by which they are they are bound. Action4 is able to offer industry and regulatory knowledge which can, in many cases, avoid costly and unpleasant situations from arising.

Press Office

From TV companies through to national and regional newspapers, Action4 will actively become involved in dealing with queries which require us to defend, protect, and promote our industry.

Government and Consumers

Action4 aims to meet with MPs to keep them informed about current industry issues and offer support and advice with any constituent enquiries they may encounter.

When consumers come directly to Action4 for advice, they are offered straightforward guidance relating to their enquiry and if applicable are redirected to the relevant body, be it a service provider, PhonepayPlus or any other organisation as appropriate.